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Our Team Members

Meet the People Behind the Organisation

Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping those in need. Please get to know the people who make Spread Ur Wings Foundation what it is. Our team are a wonderful bunch of hardworking people who strive to make sure every child has a great experience!

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Jo'An Coward

Founder, CEO and Mental Health First aider

Hi 👋🏾  My name is Jo’An I am the founder and CEO of spread ur wings foundation. I have a strong passion for teenagers. I prepare and facilitate life skill workshops to support their development of growth and prepare them for adulthood. I also aid in teaching the 16+ to become leaders and run their own workshops.

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 Elinor Yansen

Director | Head of SEND and Safeguarding Officer

Hi my name is Elinor, I am a Director and I assist in the smooth running of our organisation, whilst helping to create a safe place for our young people.


Kish Orji

Social Media and Events Manager | Team Leader

What's good people, my name is Kish and I am the Social Media and Events Manager  at Spread Ur Wings Foundation. I am passionate about working with the youth and I strive to be a positive role model for them.

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Joel Richards

Part-time Team leader

Hi My Name is Joel, I am a part time leader here at SUWF.


Sylvia Morgan

Trainee Office Manager and Head of Juniors (5-10s) | Team Leader

My name is Sylvia, I am the head of the Juniors, I am also training to be the office manager here at SUWF.


Kyah Ellis-Coward

Head of SEND Department and Trainee Safeguarding Lead | Team Leader

Name's Kyah; I am the Head of the SEND Department and Safeguarding Assistant at SUWF I’m here to help make your experience and time here as great as possible.


Damaris Nwaboku

Head Mentor - Team Leader

Hi! My name is Damaris and I am the Head of Youth here at Spread Ur Wings. I study English Language at University and I like to travel


Delisia Marfo-Mensah

Health and Welfare Officer - Part-Time Team Leader

Aloha. My name is Delisia. I help part-time at SUWF as I am a nurse. I teach the teens about the importance of health and wellbeing


Rachel Nwaboku

Head of Trainees

Hey, my name is Rachel, I work with both the young children and the teens at SUWF we build social skills and confidence through workshops activities and discussions.


Joanita Marfo-Mensah

Social Media and Events Assistant

Hi my name is Joanita. I am an intern and I am part of social media and events team. A fun fact about me is that I can jump 1.35m metres in high jump!


Dimetri Howard-West 

Trainee Leader

My name is Dimitri I'm a trainee leader for spread ur wings


Janelle Quallo

Trainee Leader

Hi my name is Janelle and I'm a trainee leader for the juniors and the teens. I'm also training to be a part of the safeguarding team here at SUWF

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Tafari McCatty-Smith

Social Media Content Creator

Hey guys, I’m Tafari! But you can call me Taff.  I'm the camera man here at Spread Ur Wings. I handle all the social media things for us, so look out for our posts!

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Daniel Bickersteth

Part - Time Leader

Yo guys, my name is Daniel but my friends call me Danny. My hobbies include playing guitar playing games and art!



Deputy Head of Teens

My name is Yumar, I am the head of the Teens, I do ice breakers and lots of other fun activites.


Jacob Baptiste

Trainee Leader

My name is Jacob, I'm a trainee leader for the youth at Spread Ur Wings. I like football an I was actually the first member here.


Adrian Kamara

Trainee Leader

I'm Adrian and I'm one of the trainee leaders. I'm a fun guy who loves football and is easy to make friends with.


Josh Brown-Campbell

Trainee Leader

My name is Josh, I'm trainee leader at Spread Ur Wings Foundation


Madichi Brown

Trainee Leader

Hi I'm Madichi, in my free time I like to read comics, learn spanish and watch movies. I even have my own Film Blog.


Shaznae Skirrett-Henry

Trainee Recruitment Officer

My name is Shaznae


Sharon Ave

Trainee Leader

My Name is Sharon, I love working at SUWF and with the young people. I am so excited to see where this takes me

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