Spread Ur Wings Foundation Gives Back

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What We Do

Spread Ur Wings Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing workshops, life skills and fun for young people between the ages of 11-18, and 5-10. Our activities include drama, singing, street dancing, rapping, photography, nutrition workshops and more. We also invite great speakers to widen our youths knowledge of the world on things ranging from child abuse, money management and health.


Who We Are

Spread Ur Wings Foundation are based in Thornton Heath, with a group of leaders and trainee leaders who are passionate about educating the youth on the world surrounding us. We believe that the children in this area need a warm, safe place to build beneficial bonds, gain advice with mentors and to gain necessary life skills. We charge £3 a day for 11-18 year olds and 5-10 year-olds.


Our Causes

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors

Encouraging Teamwork

Growing Friendships

One of our goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in the greater London area are safe and have their basic needs taken care of. With your generous donations and volunteering efforts, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavour of Christmas Donations. Contact us to learn more.

Encouraging Talent

Providing Opportunities

One of the main reasons Spread Ur Wings Foundation was founded in 2016 was to compensate for the greater London area’s struggles with Volunteer Opportunities. We’ve dedicated a lot of man-hours and invested countless resources to this charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. See how you can by contacting us below.

Want to learn how you can support our valuable causes?