What we do

On this page you will see examples of the activities that we have done with the teens.

Black History Exhibit

As most of the teens here are black or mixed race, we took the teens to the black history exhibit in the History mesuem, so that we can educate them on what their ancestors experienced and how thye overcame the hardships and difficulties.

We decided to take the teens tot he museum

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Car Wash

Teens engage in fundraising carwash

We needed an influx of funds so the teens decided to do a car wash. We chose the hottest day of the year and advertised it to our church and the neighboring houses. The teens were happy all day washing all their cars therefore, this funded us for a long time.

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Church Garden Planting

Youth plants new garden on church grounds

We decided to brighten up our church garden as it has been very dull for so long. So we got the kids together and went shopping for seeds and flowers to plant. Then we came back and started the process.


Recording Studio

We went to the studio to produce an original song

We decided to let loose the teens creative sides as we informed them that we have booked studio time so the would need to make lyrics and choose a track to either rap and sing to. The boys made their track first and then the girls went second and created theirs.

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Evening meal with the teens

We took the teenagers on a nice evening meal at an American-style restaurant

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